Mercury Powder for Cleaning Black Money

Mercury Powder for cleaning Defaced and Black Money

The Product

Bellinoza is of great chemical company when it comes to buying mercury powder for cleaning black money. Mercury powder is a powerful chemical used for cleaning black and defaced bank notes. White, red, green and all types of currency can be easily cleaned with our mercury powder formula. By using this Activation Powder your stained notes will become fresh new bank notes.

Cleaning your blackmoney

You might have already turned the web searching for where to buy mercury powder. Then stop right here – at Bellinoza if you are after mercury powder prices to clean your banknotes removing all stains, dirt, oil, grease and totally transforming them to anti-breeze banknotes. A wide variety of notes like Euro, US Dollar, British Pounds and many others in bulk orders can be cleaned with these SSD solution chemicals

Experienced Mercury Powder Suppliers

Mercury powder suppliers are often negligent on adding first-class ionic compounds, mineral acids and other needed chemicals to their solvents. By not keeping up with high production standards, they lay your money on the line. We make sure your pile of bank notes keeps its original quality? Make use of our experienced chemical experts at any time

Package details

Our MOQ is 125 grams mercury powder package, capable of cleaning 1000 defaced bank notes and the 1 kg package capable of cleaning 10,000 notes. Each package comes with following products; SSD Solution, Activation powder, Mercury powder and Vectrol paste plus a user manual. The chemicals are all used in the cleaning process.

SSD Solution Chemical

They come as SSD Automatic or PK58 or Castrox Oxide or Zuta S4 or TTZ Universal used for cleaning black & defaced coated notes

Mercury Powder

This is A very effective SSD substance used to re-clean hologram sections of black notes

Activation Powder

This is a Powerful Humine powder that reacts with SSD Solution to clean excess dyes and defaced ink on bank notes

Vectrol Paste

This is an Anticoagulant used to avoid coagulation of the SSD Solution after cleaning

Choose your order

Each package comes with SSD Solution Chemical, Activation Powder, Mercury Powder, Vectrol Paste plus a user manual. Orders are shipped out immediately payment is confirmed


For 10000 Notes


For 5000 Notes


For 2500 Notes

Frequently asked questions

Activation powder is an aqeuos inorganic salts that are used in the combination of SSD solution for black money cleaning. The compound reacts with SSD solution chemical to lift excess dyes or currency defacing inks from defaced notes of any kind when added to ordinary SSD Chemical

SSD Chemical Solution is used for Cleaning Black Money and any color of defaced currency. SSD Automatic solution is also used in the cleaning of stained bank notes with anti breeze quality, bills like USD, EUR, GBP and other local currencies.

Activation Powder and SSD Solutions are great support when it comes to cleaning defaced banknotes. They’re very impactful chemicals that can easily clean away all the impurities from the banknotes in a short period of time. It is a fact, that banks do not accept paper currency that do not have a visible print or clean. In order to make these banknotes clean and fresh, it is recommended to go with activation powder and SSD Solutions. Our Activation powder and SSD Solution are legally distributed or shipped to every customer’s destination

The 3 main powerful composition of the solution are Sodium Chloride NaCl, Sulphated Ash 0.2% and Sulphuric acide H2SO4. Mercury Nitric Dioxide is also used to remove anti-breeze from the face of the currency.

We have the following packages that comes with an Instruction Manual;

PKG1: 1 liter SSD Solution, 1kg Activation/Mercury Powder, 1kg Vectrol Paste
PKG2: 500ml SSD Solution, 500g Activation/Mercury Powder, 500g Vectrol Paste
PKG3: 250ml SSD Solution, 250g Activation/Mercury Powder, 250g Vectrol Paste
PKG4: 125ml SSD Solution, 125g Activation/Mercury Powder, 125g Vectrol Paste

After placing your order by communicating with us privately, your order will be shipped to your desired destination through DHL or Deutsche Post from Duisburg, Germany.

Our clients say

Getting good quality SSD Solution is really complicated but these guys really provided me with everything i needed to clean my black notes. I recommend
Hilary Leigh
Ich komme aus Österreich und wollte unbedingt bei ihnen kaufen, um meine schwarzen Euro-Banknoten zu reinigen. Ich kaufte ein halbes Liter-Paket, aber meine Menge an schwarzen Noten war viel, so dass ich für ein anderes bestellen musste.
Josep Benger
I bought 2 litres and i've been using for a long while now. I was advised to clean in small quantities. Great job to Bellinoza and their representatives
Quintin Angus
J'ai payé le forfait 1 litre il y a 4 jours et je viens de recevoir le colis aujourd'hui. L'expédition a pris du temps pour l'Europe vers l'Europe mais la qualité vaut l'attente. J'espère acheter plus de quantité dès que possible. J'espère que la livraison ne prendra pas plus de temps la prochaine fois
Marco Robspierre