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The Product

Bellinoza is an experienced counterfeit manufacturing and chemical company when it comes to buying counterfeit money for sale. We manufacture and distribute various counterfeit currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, Kronas, Dirharms, Riyals, Dinas. We can also produce with a samples of your local currency for custom orders

Quality of your Counterfeit Money

Our counterfeit money for sale online is one of the highest quality you’ll find on the internet. These fake counterfeit bank notes for sale are produced with great stealth and efficiency to emulate real currencies qualities. They have the latest security features, holograms, bypass pen test, maker test, UV light, undetectable, exchangeable, depositable at banks and fueling stations

Experienced Counterfeit Money suppliers

We have been manufacturing and distributing counterfeit money for sale for a number of years, we were established darknet vendors on Alphabay, Dream Market, Valhalla and Silk Road 3.0 Markets with more than 1500 sales and positive reviews. Keeping our clientele, having long term business relationship and providing our customer’s satisfaction has always been the forefront of our business strategy.  

Package details

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our counterfeit bank notes is 10,000 EUR, USD, GBP or the equivalent to your local desired currency. We ship from Germany and USA – California depending on your geographic location. Orders come in brown-paper package envelopes through DHL, Deutsche Post, USPS and FedEX. We provide discount for larger orders and we are capable of shipping 1 million USD, EUR or GBP at one-go

US Dollars

Top quality counterfeit banks notes, comes in 20's, 50's and 100's. They are new bank notes with all the engravings and security features

British Pounds

Soft cotton paper at touch and great quality synthetic polymers. Comes in 10's, 20's and 50's. Up-to-date technology used in the manufacturing process


Soft touch at feel, no roughness with good quality cotton papers, synthetic polymers and latest security features, comes in 20's, 50's and 100's

Canadian Dollars

Best quality bank notes, high production efficiency used to emulate real bank notes quality. Latest security features and engravings. Comes in 20's, 50's and 100's

Choose your order

Clients are welcomed to choose their particular denominations and multiples. Your orders will come in brown-paper package envelopes and will be delivered to your desired address. All our counterfeit bank notes pass pen test, uv-light and are undetectable by experts  


MOQ $10,000 CF


MOQ €10,000 CF


MOQ £10,000 CF

Frequently asked questions

We have been in the counterfeit money industry for a long while and that makes us pretty experienced to manufacture and deliver you the best quality counterfeit money for sale online. Do not hesitate to contact Bellinoza for all your counterfeit needs.

Only a handful of our counterfeit bank notes goes through ATM, please contact more details

Our counterfeit money bank notes are top quality, undetectable, soft-feel at touch with all the latest security features and holograms. They pass pen test/maker test, UV-light and can be exchanged with exchange services, depositable at gaming machines and banks.

We sell minimum order quantity (MOQ) 10,000 counterfeit EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD at 1,100 EUR. We give discount for larger orders depending on your required currency and destination

We ship through DHL and Deustche Post from Germany, 3 working-days within EU, 5 days to Russia, Turkey and Middle East and through USPS and FedEX from California, 3 days within US and Canada. Packages come in brown-package envelopes.

Our clients say

My first time buying counterfeit money us dollars, took my a while to raise money for the minimum order but it was worth it, every dime. The delivery took longer than expected though.
Joe Raymond
I was given a link to make a review after receiving my order i do not know if it will work. I ordered for some pounds my package just arrived the quality looks and feels great to me i have not tested the quality yet but i will give more updates very soon
Aziz Mouktar
Im from Israel, Tel Aviv to be precise i bought 20,000 euros from Bellinoza everything went smoothly no complains. I think these guys are experience vendors and i had bought from them once on dn
Iyas Besker
Just from buying american dollars from this people the communication was great they understand their customers. Great stealth with delivery good packaging poor delivery time, package took 7 days to Vietnam. I almost became very impatient
Lixan Nam